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revenge of the clankclankclank

MY rear end was making noise about a year ago, the obligatory click-click-click in time with the wheels. Eventually it stopped, and never appeared again after I got my clutch replaced. Since the original clutch started slipping, I naturally replaced it. When the sound didn't come back, I assumed the clutch was the culprit.

Well, it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack... sort of. Every once in awhile, it makes the noise.

A clicking in time with wheel rotation. Will click/thump for awhile then stop, then start again. It happens in gear while accellerating, in gear while decellerating, in gear with the clutch down, and in neutral while rolling, although it isn't as loud/prominent when the car is in neutral. Seems to get louder when i take left turns.

Sometimes the sound will disappear for days. Sometimes it will be constant. Sometimes it will make the noise for a few minutes and then be silent for the rest of the day.

I jacked up the car and tried to push in on the top of the wheel and out on the bottom, and then push out on the top and in on the bottom. There was no free play back and forth. As a matter of fact, the rear wheels weren't rotating very much at all, either. Trying to rotate the rear wheels gave me a lot of resistance, while the fronts rotated smoothly and evenly.

I grabbed the CV axle on each side and pushed it in and out (toward and away from each wheel) both had a lot of free play (car was not in gear). Driver's side axle made more noise when pushed toward the middle of the car, and the passenger-side axle made much louder noise when pushed in toward the passenger-side wheel. Passenger-side driveaxle seemed to move more easily. After I lowered the car, I put it in gear and tried the same in-and-out with the CV axles, and neither of them budged.

any thoughts?

I came close to repacking the CVs awhile back, as some (SoCal, AFJuvat, and FrankB were all involved in the thread, i remember) may remember. I never got around to it, however, because the car stopped making the noises. If it were the CVs this time around, I would just buy remanufactured axles and be done with it.
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