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The issue with cam housings is there are 3-bearing housings and 4-bearing housings. The MFI drive oil seal replaces the steel plug in the cam bore.

Originally posted:
"As I recall (a stretch) you can use a 3-bearing cam in a 4-bearing housing if you plug the extra bearing oiling passage. You can use a 4-bearing cam in a 3-bearing housing with no mods. As I recall the cam housings were otherwise interchangeable. I donít think the 3-to-4 bearing changed exactly with the 3.0 SC but slightly earlier."
Not so, I was in error. See the following posts.
There may be an intermediate configuration with small journals and 4-bearings. More research is needed.

Jamie is correct. The 2.7 has 80 mm cylinder stud spacing and the 3.0 SC has 86 mm cylinder stud spacing. See Bruce Anderson, 2nd Ed. p. 70.

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