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You're in trouble now if some geezer won't fix a 914 motor, because they're SOOOO much different from a beetle. It sounds like he really knows his stuff....

These things are so simple you'll be surprised at how much you figure out on your own. DD's right you need spark, fuel, and air for any engine to run. Now I don't know diddly about fuel injection, but at least yank a plug out and turn it over to see if you have spark (and condition of the plugs as well. You can also tell by pulling off the spark plug boot, and holding the wire end close (1/4 inch?) to a fan shroud bolt - is there a spark arcing ascross the gap?
Do you also hear the fuel pump turn on? You should hear it when you turn the key, just before the "run" position it should come on.
Air? Pull of the air filter (and box, can you do that on an FI car? I told you I don't know how FI is set up...) If it was running before, chances are good hat you still have compression, you dont' just "lose" compression all of a sudden - it'll still run, albeit poorly, but it should still pop or sputter or burble or smoke or something.
Hey Dave, what about a shot of starting fluid in the intake tract? Good idea or bad? Just to get it to pop, or is it fuel-pressure dependant?
25 bucks for compression tester at Sears or wherever, get the one that has an air-hose nipple on one end too. You yank the plugs and the tester screws into the plug hole. (Take out all the plugs before doing it, and remove the coil wire too). It's a good idea to check your compression anyways.
Lotsa people here have FI, and can help you if these other things check out OK and it still won't run.

Then go sputter past Ol' Geezer Joe and make sure it's a day where he's outside fixing a beetle or something.
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