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Grab your crystal balls with one hand and your history books with the other!

So, following up on my previous post on what car to consider I got to thinking. Now that's always a dangerous proposition, but I can't resist. I was wondering how the Porsche enthusiast community has changed over time and where it's going.

So TONG FIRMLY IN CHEEk, but looking for true enlightenment here goes.

What were people's views 5, 10, 15 years ago? 15 years ago the 87-89 G50 cars were new, the 964 C4 was just out. How were these cars perceived back then? Were they nice enough but overly complicated and too dang heavy compared with real (pre 74) 911's. Those 'real' long hoods were the 15 year old cars and the 2.7's, SC's were probably the staple of the late model used market.

These day's the SC's and Carrerea's are a large part of the enthusiast community, long hood prices seem to be going up daily and 996/968's are viewed with suspicion as they are too heavy and diluted to be a real drivers car, also plagued with reports of RMS seal issues etc.

Where will we be in the future? five years down the line the first Boxsters will be 12 years old, the first 996's will be 10 years old. Will they be creeping onto the enthusiast sceen? BTW when I say enthusiast, I mean the people who inhabit this type of board, I'm not saying enthusiasts don't drive them today, just a different type if you follow me.

15 years down the line the last of the Carrera's will be 30 year old cars. Will they be rocketing up like long hoods now? Will 996's be seen similar to how the late Carrera's are today? As good easy to work on daily driver/track capable cars with known easy fixes for things like RMS, much like Carrera tensioner upgrades for early cars. Will Carrera3.5 have changed his name to 996_3.8 and be detailing the build up of a 996 engine using 997 S parts and true dry sump to build a 3.8L 400 hp daily driver that can give a 996 GT3 a run for its money ? Will 986's be seen as a great mid engined car that makes a cool daily drive/track car. Or will it be relegated to low cost throw away car that costs more to maintain than it's worth, similar to how many people view the 924/944 series cars today. Or will they have languished worthless for years prior to making a 914/6 phoenix esc rise from the ashes of contempt to the height of cool.

Please note, I DO NOT prescribe to any of the prejudices that I'm referring too re 914/924/944/986/996 cars, I'm just pointing out often voiced views of others.

It's funny when I look at myself over the last 15 years. Back then I had just graduated university in the UK and started work. I'd scrapped the money together to buy a Davrian kit car
(ha, I bet I've fooled 99% of you with that one, google it) and 911's were way off my radar due to cost. A 944 turbo was the stuff of (automotive) fantasy to me, but cost more than my new house! Ten years ago I'd just moved the US and was seduced by V8 torque. Five years ago I was getting married, selling my race car and considering a used 944 turbo that I ended up not buying:frown:. Today I'm looking at 911's in a couple of years and wondering how I ever afford to live in the UK! In 15 years one kid will be in collage and the other just finished, I'll be retired early having just sold my company (not yet stated) for millions and placing an order for my new 999 series 911 GT3.

Thanks for listening to my musings, please pull out your crystal balls with one hand and your history books with the other. Enlighten me as to the future and educate me on the past.


P.S. I've never used smilies on an board before but thought I'd try in an atempt to make sure i didn't offend any one.
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