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Chevrolet makes Bow-Tie parts to adhere to racing rules, and update design and manufacturing for a series of motors that is up to 50 years old. Chevrolet doesn't make Bow Tie parts for the LS series motors (or the LT1/LT4 that preceded), just the 'old' small block platforms from 1956-1992.

Bow Tie parts are race specific. An example: some Bow Tie head castings are NASCAR legal and are 12 degree combustion chambers. To have the valves sit at that angle calls for a radical redo of the entire valvetrain geometry in an 'old' smallblock. That means it is really ONLY for that application. They can't make very many of them because of that, so they are more expensive.

But NOT as expensive as you must think, snowman.

The newest racing BOW TIE small-block (Part # 10051181) is only $1391 retail. The CNC NASCAR block machined for AN fittings and 2.64" crank is only $5250 (only diff is CNC machining).

You can't fit a big block in a Porsche, but the ZZ572 crate motor (572 cu in) comes COMPLETE with carb, intake, distibutor, water pump, oil pan, etc for $13895. That motor produces 720 horsepower and 685 lb-ft right out of the box.

The Corvette C5R aluminum block (not considered a 'Bow-Tie' part) is only $6191....this is the EXACT same Katech block that won LeMans. That block was only necessary to get 427 cu in due to its 'siamesed' press-fit liners which allowed a 4.125" bore in a 4.600" bore center (vs the sub-$1000 LS2 block has a 4.00" bore). C5R heads (PN:12480005) run only $1700/pr.

The C5R is exactly what I'm talking about. The 'nth'.

If you MUST have 427 cu in, you used to have to buy a $6191 C5R block (which is still cheaper than a new stock 911/930 case and a new set of cylinder barrels). But if you can live with 404 cu in, you can do it with an inexpensive production LS2 block. Heck you can get 427 with a stock 4.00" LS2 block and a $2000 4.125" stroker crank. Or there are companies (Darton) that will re-sleeve the LS2 block to 4.125" bore for about $2300.

It is racing rules that dictate a lot of parts combinations. That is what dictates their expense. There was a time when 2.8L RSR cylinders were 'unobtainium'. Now why not just start with a 3.2L production Carrera motor?

Snowman, I think your comments are uninformed. I heard that a Porsche Motorsports engine set-up for the '03-04 GT3 campaign ran in the $40,000 neighborhood.....I would defer to an expert to ask if that were true. I'm not just going to say: "If you race a Porsche motor like a Ferrari motor can be raced, I mean all out racing on a road racing track it will break if it doesn't have $40K worth of stuff in it. Otherwise why do ALL the GT3 guys use this expensive stuff? All those Porsche motors and their bad rod bolts and head studs and oil leaks. All these guys with their under-$40,000 Porsche stuff are just kidding themselves. Why do you think Porsche makes Motorsports parts, you know the ones that cost about the same as Ferrari parts do."

350HP930: A friend of mine had a Mooney in the early eighties that had a factory Porsche flat-6 motor. Said Porsche right on the engine cowl. I flew with him from the Minneapolis area to Bayfield, WI (Apostle Islands of Lake Superior) to crew on his racing sailboat...that was probably 1986.

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