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Finished But - Well, Not So Good

I finished the valve adjustment yesterday and installed the new plugs and wires today. I like the Clewett wires, look nice and fit well once I drilled out the Beru wire holders.

The valve adjustment was terribly confusing on the first cylinder then got much easier. In retrospect I would have started with an exhaust valve from #4-5-or-6 as those are easily visible. Anyway I aimed for a smooth drag when pulling the feeler through the gap, and I only found 3 or 4 valves that seemed "off", typically these were too loose. The car fired right up and now has appreciably less "clickety clickety" noise while running.

My old plugs looked okay for #2-6 as far as I can tell, while #1 was rather oily - bummer. I'll post pics later for those who know how to "read plugs".

HOWEVER - the car is not running appreciably better, in fact it is running rather worse. Specifically: at idle and low revs there is occasional "popping" (kind of like a faint backfire sound, but it's not really a backfire). The engine doesn't run smoothly at idle and low revs, sort of stumbles and hesitates, just a little - a passenger might not notice it. When sitting in neutral, if I give it a lot of throttle from idle, the revs get to 2000 and sort of hesitate before heading on up to redline - rather than quickly zinging to redline. There's a spot around 2500-3000 where the engine shakes a little. The car also feels well down on power - at 4000 rpm in first at full throttle the car is accelerating briskly but you'd hardly call it impressive.

Unfortunately I'm headed out of town on business for a few days, and will have to figure this out upon my return.

Any guesses? My thought is that perhaps I failed to fully seat a plug or perhaps more likely a plug connector, so that one cylinder is not firing properly.
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