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Porsche Crest Automatic Transmission Rattle...

Hey folks, long time no post.

Here's the issue at hand:
Recently there has been this rattling sound coming from under my car. At first, I thought it was just my catalytic converter; however, I just got that replaced, and it didn't solve the rattling entirely - the cat was bad, so it was rattling a little.
Once I picked up the car, I noticed that the rattling could still be heard. I Brought it to the attention of my mechanic, and had him take a look at it. Soon after, he informed me that the noise was coming from my trans. I thought to myself, "How could this rattling noise be coming from my transmission;" due to the fact that I had recently gotten it rebuilt, and has no more than 20,000 miles on it (give or take a humma humma). After bringing up this point to my current mechanic, he recommended for me to take it back to where I got the transmission work done, and have them check it out.
After having the original mechanic take a look at it, I got the same answer, "It's coming from your transmission." I arrived at his shop with the understanding that it has been roughly 4 years since it was installed, and there would be no reason for him to magically offer me a brand new transmission for free and offer me an installation service that would only take a few minutes to accomplish. <smirks> Nevertheless, I come to find out that this shop had stopped working on 944's all together roughly three years back. After hearing stated information, I ask if he recommended any location that would do work on my trans, or even take a look at it - knowing that not many places will even touch my trans, due to it being audi. He then stated, "No," and I left... So basically, I am now at the same point I was previously.

Here's some information about the rattling:
- The rattling itself is loudest while the car is warming up; or rather, when it's still cold.
- Once the car is warmed up, the noise is more prevalent when it's in gear; opposed to when it's in Park/Neutral.
- The transmission seems to be working as well as it has been since I had it rebuilt. Gear change is smooth. No slippage.

Basic vehicle specs:
Model: 944 n/a
Year: 1985 (early)
Current Odometer: 82,435
Transmission: Automatic
Recently work completed: (Mileage roughly stated)
> Transmission: 64,000
> Flex Disc: 64,000
> Radiator: 67,000
> Exhaust Manifolds: 75,000
> Water Pump & Belts: 81,000
> Catalytic Converter: 82,000

... Any ideas?
85.0 944 Automatic
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