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Megasquirt/Bitz cam and other questions

Just finishing up by build plan now. Have ~$2000 in parts on the way now from Pelican and anxiously looking for a decent machine shop in Sydney...

I send Tony@Bitz some e-mail questions earlier today and he hasn't had a chance to respond (its still middle of the night where he is) but I thought I'd post the questions here so that they might help others too...I've also added some other questions since sending my e-mail. This is on a 3.0 82 US-head complete blueprint/rebuild.

1. What cams have you heard/seen perform well with this kit when tuning for low/mid-range torque? I saw your site with the dyno run (awesome to see empirical results posted) and noticed all of the project cars in the gallery section that listed their cams were CIS. Has anyone posted dyno results with other cams running megasquirted NA 930's?

2. What method are you using to estimate intake airflow? Speed-density? Don't you need a vacuum guage on the intake for this? I don't see either a MAF or MAP hardware in your kit list.

3. What are the make/model/flow at 80% duty specs for your injectors?

4. Does your "Main wiring harness (from MegaSquirt to engine bay)" on your inventory list mean the same as the Megasquirt relay board as sold by I noticed there wasn't any mention of the relays on your manual or site, whereas they are commonly referred to and installed in discussions on the megasquirt forum.

4a. If not, how long is the wiring harness?

5. Is the O2 sensor you include a "wideband" unit providing a linear voltage curve related to O2 readings or the standard "rich-or-lean" sensor?

6. Do you include a throttle position sensor? I don't see it on your list and I don't know how to go about installing a Megasquirt with acceleration enrichment without it.

7. Noticed several of the cars in the gallery installed the "pop-off-valves" seen on most late 930's. Some didn't. Has anyone had their valve pop after installing the Megasquirt?

8. I'm assuming Tony ships the megasquirt with a baseline map installed. Has this been extensively tuned? Have others modified theirs significantly? Would they be willing to share their tables?

9. Did anyone check the taper on their intake tubes? Did you attempt to "tune" them to create resonance waves within any certain RPM ranges?

Thanks all!
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