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Intermittent headlights

I had this happen a coupple of weeks ago, and again tonight.

My headlights suddlenly go off. Then on. Then off. They don't blink rapidly as if a loose wire were responding to road vibration. Rather, its sort of a 10-20 second cycle. Like something heats up, stops conducting, then cools off, starts conducting, etc. (just an idea...).

When the headlights go out, it's alway both sides together. The driving lights and instrument lights stay on.

I've checked fuses, and tried rotating them around and around to get a good seat. No change.

I get no response whatsoever if I wiggle the headlight switch. (Thank goodness!)

One suspicion I have is that I saw an old post (TidyBuoy ?) about something similar happeneing as a result of a short in the steering column. Now it's true, I did pull & replace the steering columnn today, and the first time it happened was after some steering column work. But the strange thing is that the first time it happened, I didn't even have the turn signal plug connected. (Yeah, not real smart, but it was only for a test drive.) So there couldn't have been a short in there then.

Anyway, what's the idea ? What, specifically, is it in the steering column that would cause the headlights to go out ?

Also, which relay is the bright/dim relay for the headlights. I did notice a mnoth or so ago, that the relay was slow to respond : I had to hold the high beam wand up to get it to change; I'd like to check that out.

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