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Jay stopped by last night to root me on and offer some pointers. A quick verify in the tunnel ideed showed that the shift coupler is fine, and the tunnel was dry - so, jacked up the car and prepared to drain the tranny.

Of course, seeing as I have yet to drain the transmission, I didn't have the proper gigantic allen-head socket to fit in the plug, so Jay suggested I just remove the plate under the gear box and drain it that way.

Roger wilco.

Remove the four bolts from the studs and pried the cover off (gently) with a screwdriver. I drained the 4 tablespoons of fluid from the case and had a look inside.

Umm yeah.

Four tablespoons is, honestly, probably a bit of an exageration - it was probably more like 2.

Well - that's certainly not a good thing.

Anyway, at least I can see (kinda) what is going on in the trans - and it appears that "for some reason" (see above) the "operating pawl" which is SUPPOSED to rest within the shift guide(s) is hanging loose and flopping around.

So - at this point, I can't select any gears except (possibly) 5th or reverse.

The (kind of) good news is that the car is in neutral now.

I imagine the lack of fluid has probably done some bad things - my completely novice eye, however, believes things look pretty good in there. The dog-teeth I can see seem nicely pointed and there was no metal bits in the little bit of oil I did drain. Feeling around at the bottom of the case didn't produce anything either.

So - I suspect I should drop this thing and at least pull out the gears for a look-see. This will be my first engine drop, so I'm a bit nervous - just like a virgin for the very first time (come on, sing it - SING IT).
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