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Not wild about the color (matter of personal preference), but the price seems very good. You will receive various opinions on mid-year cars here. Most people undervalue them by quite a bit due to the differences between mids and SCs, but those people probably have never even owned a mid-year car. Yes-from the factory mid year cars were flawed. However, those problems have been addressed on your car. Smaller engine? Yes, but lighter too. The 3.0 is a great engine. It will last longer, I'm told, than a 2.7, but how long is that? Since many upgrade to a bigger motor, I just see it as an excuse to go 3.6 sooner. What's the difference in HP between a 2.7 and 3.0? Somthing like 20? My mid easily hangs with my buddies SC. As a matter of fact, on the track, Carreras don't embarrass me. They are a bit faster, but not that much. I can corner and brake just as well as they, if not better. I drove a bunch of Carreras and SCs before buying my mid. Why? Because I simply like it better.

I'm not saying a mid-year car is better than an SC or Carrera. It's not. The non-galvanized body of the 76 would be my biggest concern. I would pour over every nook and cranny of the car. If it's okay, I would feel comfortable buying as I rarely drive in the rain, and never the snow. Plus-as you undoubtedly have discovered, you can have a mid-year for half the price of a Carrera in like condition, but have 9/10ths the car. Besides, the newer cars feel heavier and well...newer. The only downside to owning a mid is the poo-pooing by those who don't know better.
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