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Yeah Bill, I read the thread. You posted pictures of the cores and the tooling to make the cores, you also showed a close up of the vent. No one is disputing the fact that the vents are cast in, and the cores that you showed do not have the geometry needed to cast holes. A core that would allow for the hoes would have "nubs" (for lack of a better term) on it that the metal would flow around to create the holes. I can't really tell much from the above picture of the 993 disc, but if you've got the proof you should go collect the money. I'm not on a mission to prove the holes aren't cast, I just think that it's interesting how it is simply accepted so universally that the holes are cast, yet it is so difficult for anyone to prove it.

It's ironic that when we cast holes into parts at my job it is generally done to reduce cost, not because it is believed that the metalurgy of the cast hole is superior. Basically if we can cast the holes in it saves us from laser drilling or EDM later on. We do it because it makes the parts cheaper, not because they are any better.
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