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Re: 3.0 SCs 180 BHP vs 204 BHS

Originally posted by domtoni
This is a question that interest me as well. Here in the UK we have both the 180 and 204 hp models.

Is there a big difference between them aside from the horsepower? I am interested in a daily driver.

Sometimes I think it is better to buy a late 3.2 Carerra, even with 120 + K miles.
No, there is not a big difference at all aside from the horsepower. both have the same fuel injection, the differences are the cam timing (small change) and the higher compression, from 8.5:1 in the 180hp RoW models to 9.8:1 in the 204hp RoW models. I don't know what fuel is available in your area, in the USA I think the lowest octane grade of 3 is OK for 8.5:1 where I would use the highest of 3 for the 9.8:1. this could make a difference in cost of fuel for a daily driver here in the USA, though I know your fuel is much more expensive! What octane numbers (RON or MON) do you have in your area?

Now, the RoW 231hp Carrera 3.2 is a strong engine, I have driven these as well. with 10.3:1 compression you will certainly want to use premium, these air cooled engines have a higher octane requirement than a modern liquid cooled pent roof combustion chamber engine.

The bottom line, I think, is to buy a good car with a known history (records), and have the car inspected by a reputable shop before you buy. I have driven all flavors of SC and the power difference is not dramatic, though it is noticable, in the late RoW cars. The RoW carrera 3.2 increased power is more noticeable but so is the price difference, usually.

Personally, 180hp/172tq and 2600lb is enough for me, on the street, so just buy a good one.
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