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I found this interesting story while looking for some info on your car and thought I would share in this thread.

"Redford remembers the time as “the most fun I’ve ever had making a film.” As a bonus, he and Newman became fast friends.

“I admire him, “ Newman says of Redford. “He’s not sucked in by fashionable things. And he keeps his life to himself. And he’s very comfortable inside his own skin, I think.”

The two are alike “to the extent that we’re both private people,” Newman says, though he readily admits Redford “is more private than I am.”

The bond has lasted over 30 years and survived some rather extravagant practical jokes, like the time when Redford bought his friend an unusual birthday present and had it delivered to Newman’s home.

“I went to this junkyard and I asked him to see if they had an old Porsche that had been destroyed, and they did, “ Redford recalls. “They found an old Porsche that was totally flat.

“And,” explains Newman, “ he must have had it brought in on a hook and just dropped in the driveway. So I had it compacted and boxed.”

Newman had the old car squeezed into a large metal cube, put in a box, and sent to Redford’s house.

“And about two weeks later,” Redford says, picking up the story, “I came up for the weekend, I came up to the house. And I opened the door and I went into the foyer, and there was this big box, and I noticed that the box itself, the weight of the box had begun to crush the floor.”

Newman estimates it must have weighed 1,400 pounds. “It took four of us to carry it into his house,” he says.

So what did Redford do? “I didn’t say anything,” Redford says. “I didn’t acknowledge getting it.”

Adds Newman, “ So in the final analysis, you see, he won.”

It’s been a quarter of a century since Redford’s second partnership with Newman in The Sting, but they still are looking for the right vehicle for another collaboration.

“The opportunity hasn’t come around, “ Redford says. “It just hasn’t. Surprises me, 'cause Hollywood’s pretty big at formula stuff. If it came and it was right, we would both agree on it, we’d just do it. But it hasn’t come. It’s not like we don’t want to. We would like to.”

Now Redford is appearing in Spy Gamewith a new partner from a new generation, Brad Pitt.

His advice to Pitt and other younger actors, Redford says, “ is to make sure you have another life.

“Have another life bcause it keeps you open to a bigger part of yourself, rather than shrinking back down. Have another life because this is a tough business. It’s a cruel, often brutal business to your psyche. Have another life to spare yourself. Have another life because – think of how beautiful it is when you bring that other life into your main life. That’s been my main thing, “ he says. “And that’s what it is for me.”

The “Sundance Kid” is a grandfather now, with three grown children and a private life he prefers to keep private. He considers his “other life” to be at Sundance. That is where he seems happiest.

He’s still got dreams and ambitions, though. “I want to play the flute,” he tells Rose, then laughs. “It’s not gonna happen.'"

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