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I would like to know that also. I suspect this is a “bootleg” scan of the manuals. There are many with varying quality and completeness.

For many years we have lobbied Porsche to make the technical information widely available at a reasonable price. So far they only have offered the PET parts CD (about US$15) in compressed .pdf format to everyone. It is available from out host.

I would like to see Porsche have available on CD all the Workshop Manuals, the Service Information (Technik) booklets, the little Spec Books, the Owner’s Manuals, the Campaign and Service Bulletins, and much more. It should be in the editable .pdf format so individuals can copy & paste to their own car specific manuals. It should be able to be expanded and copied to your hard drive so it works fast. I think they should offer the PET program for about double the compressed .pdf version.

Why should Porsche AG and PCNA do this?

1) Good Will – they are spending the goodwill that Professor Porsche, Ferry Porsche and many others have earned over many years. This is an inexpensive way to recoup some of what has been lost.

2) Reputation in the industry – BMW has announced they will support every BMW motorcycle ever built. I understand they are headed to doing the same for every automobile. No manufacturer holds their customers hostage to technical information more than our beloved Porsche.

3) Good business sense – the more old Porsches that are successfully being driven, maintained, and exposed to potential buyers of Porsche automobiles, the more Porsche can sell cars. If they are looking to keep selling Cayennes and possibly 4-doors and more, the more they will need the “installed base” of Porsche enthusiasts.

4) Good business sense – with all the “old” 997s and earlier running about, the more parts can be sold. Porsche should free up the original specifications and license the re-manufacture of everything at reasonable prices. If they got 1˘ on every part sold under license, they could greatly increase their net; income for no cost. If they were to continue their current greedy ways…guess what.

I think much of Porsche’s current philosophy is a direct result of having dug a big financial hole with the Cayenne. Many were predicting the demise of PAG when the development cost was known. I won’t fault Porsche for digging themselves out of that hole. Now it is time to earn back the lost goodwill.

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