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One month later and here are some new compression numbers...

One month ago...

#1: 142.5 psig
#2: 122.5 psig
#3: 132.5 psig
#4: 135 psig
#5: 150 psig
#6: 132.5 psig


#1: 150 psig
#2: 140 psig
#3: 135 psig
#4: 140 psig
#5: 150 psig
#6: 135 psig

I re-torqued the head studs once more, too. Not bad for a rookie engine rebuild. Also, the #2 tapping sound has gone away.

She survived a DE about 1 month ago and she has another dance this weekend.

Here's a funny story about the last DE, kinda long...

It was the first run group of the day and I was all up for track tires, a cool morning, a dry track...whoopee!!!
But during that session, I noticed a small trail of white smoke coming off the back of the car after right hand turns. (Was my tire rubbing?). Then after another lap, I noticed a large trail of white smoke coming off the back of the car after right hand turns. Sure enough, I was black flagged (I was coming in anyway) and when I stopped in the hot pit area and looked under my car there was a HUGE puddle of oil. OH SH$T!!! My engine self destructed after my first engine rebuild, I thought. The weekend is ruined, but wait. I remembered that the gasket for the small three holed cap under the crank, just under the belt (what's that for?) was torn and the new one from Pelican didn't fit my car. That was it. It's just a leaking gasket, but still the weekend is ruined, right? Well I start looking under the crank pulley and theres a huge bolt in there. Where did this bolt come from? Ha ha ha ha, it was the bolt used to plug up the cam housing hole. There's a switch on the other one and a plug on the right one. The bolt came loose (I never touched that bolt during the engine rebuild!!!). A simple magnet stick to pull out the bolt and a 17mm wrench to put it back and voula I ran for the rest of the weekend!!! Oh yes, and she was hot and fast. Later.
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