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The 1.7L heads can be cut to fit on the larger diameter 1.8L and 2.0L cylinders, but material would need to be added (much more money than it's worth) to the 2.0L heads to fit the smaller O.D. of the 1.7L cylinders. Only realistic way to go is to get 1.8L P/C's, 2.0L P/C's will NOT work unless you also get a 2.0L crank, but by then you have rebuilt the motor.

Here's my $.02 Take off the offending head and have a machine shop put a "Helicoil" (or another companys) steel inserts into the head. Maybe do the other one at the same time. Maybe $10 a hole, some places sell a DIY kit, depends on how good you are. Some places do it with the head still on the motor, I call these "Redneck Engineers" as it is too easy to drill crooked, or nick a piston, not to metion all those pieces of metal bouncing around in the cylinder. While I'm at it I'll give you my advice about spark plugs. Do them with the motor cold. If you start to feel the plug sticking, turn it back in a few turns then try taking it out again. The reason the plug strips the head is "galling" basically little balls of alum stick to the steel and as the steel is unscrewed the balls "snowball" getting bigger until they act like a tap and cut the threads out. I've heard anti-seize is a bad idea because it insulates the plug, but compared to striping a thread I think it can't be that bad.

Option #2. Find a cheap 1.7L head. Unlike the 1.8L and 2.0L heads between Porsche and VW, all the 1.7L are the same (to the best of my knowledge). So a head from a 1.7L bus or Type-IV sedan should work fine, but to be sure check that the casting numbers match, and it has the breather hole. Or, that at least the replacement head has the same size vavles as the old head.
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