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I've pretty much narrowed down what I want for my garage to what I would theoretically need in order to have an up-and-running garage by late spring:

1- drywall
2- paint
3- workbench
4- lighting
5- heat
6- tool storage
7- tools
8 - creepers, bench stools, etc.
9 - flooring
10 - entertainment

1 - I will probably go to Home Depot to get drywall within the next couple weeks. 8'X11' panels should be big enough; the garage is small enough where $80-90 worth of drywall should just about do it, plus another $10 or so for tape and other supplies.

2 - White paint. No brainer.

3 - I could probably buy a cheap workbench from just about anywhere, a good custom job from Griots for not-so-cheap, or I could just build one to my specifications. The garage might not be wide, but it is very long; I am thinking a perfect place for a workbench would be under the window (I have already installed blinds to keep snoops from looking in), perhaps with enough room underneath for my air compressor.

4 - As stated, I have those big flourescent flood lamps; one of two is not currently working - I bought a replacement bulb for it, but the problem might be electrical (haven't tried the new bulb yet). If the problem isn't the bulb, several distributors sell the removable lamps separately...

Overhead lighting will probably be a must. Home Depot carries overhead flourescent fixtures for about $80. I will see if I can find cheaper... any recommendations would be welcome.

5 - I have a small electric heater, but this would probably not be enough for a garage. I am looking into other options.

6 - Man, tool cabinets/chests are EXPEN$IVE. For the time being, I have an extra wooden dresser that I will put out there for larger tools and misc. storage. Maybe I will paint it to match the garage and slap a big ol Porsche sticker on the side or something. Down the road I will put tool chests on my Xmas/birthday lists...

Corkboard/tool panels will be installed, natch, as well as shelving. This can all be done for cheap if I use a little ingenuity.

7 - I have a standard mechanic's tool set with a couple different ratchet-socket sets, as well as random other tools (obvious stuff like hammers, tape measures, crowbars, adjustable wrenches, drills and bits, allen keys, etc). I have a good 3-ton hydralic floor jack, as well as a couple sets of jack stands... not to mention the hand jack and Porsche tool set that came with the 944!

I just received a very large air compressor for Christmas. I am looking into air tools now - air sockets, impact wrenches, etc - and will probably invest in some within the next week or so. Any recommendations are welcome.

I suppose tools are the kind of thing you accumulate as you need them.

8 - I love Griots' selection of creepers and stools, especially the ones that have built-in mini tool cabinets... but Griots is expensive. I will probably get a creeper from Sears hardware for now, and maybe just look around for adequate seating.

9 - This is probably the least-necessary option, but something I will keep in mind. Eventually something will be done. I am open to suggestions.

10 - I think a radio is all I need for my garage, but a little mini-fridge for beer might be an option for the future. As an adjunct to this option, I have some cool Porsche posters and such from my college dorm days that would be suitable for a garage... my Porsche flag will probably stay in my bedroom, but I also have a "Porsche Parking only" street sign, a "Le Mans" movie poster, Porsche and Corvette sales and service gas station signs, and a couple 911 posters. Decorating is my lowest priority, but I will probably make the garage into somewhat of a Porsche shrine.

Actually, I will probably keep my collection of EXCELLENCE mags (I have every issue dating back to May 1996) and "Up-Fixin Der Porsche", as well as Haynes manuals for my 944 and Cutlass on shelving in the garage.
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