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Originally posted by Techno Duck
I would say the car was gear limited to 93mph. I doubt that V8 was restricted to that.

My friend has a '67 Mustang, 3-speed manual. 3 gears of acceleration. His tach never worked on the car, so frankly we have no idea what RPM's he shifts at (when the engine is really loud he shifts, otherwise its just loud all the time). Anyway i wouldnt even want to think about what that car sits at crusing at highway speeds, let alone your 'normal' non-rush our highway speed of 65+ mph.
No, that Studebaker is aerodynamically limited to ~93. Remember, back then the V8's weren't that potent even without taking into consideration that they were rated at gross HP, not net HP (a "200 hp" engine from the '60s is roughly comparable to a 150 hp engine in today's rating system). So a Mustang with the stock 289 (in its day a fairly "hot" engine even in non-Hi-Po form) was operating with roughly the same net horsepower as a 944 N/A. Except that the old Mustangs were much, much poorer aerodynamic shapes.

That Studebaker (assuming the 232 CID V8, a reasonable assumption for '53, the larger 289 would not come until the later 1960's Studebakers) was rated in the area of 120 hp gross, which puts it at less than 100 hp net. Since that's a crank rating and the older drivetrains aren't terribly efficient, we're probably talking about 80 hp at the wheels when it's all said and done. If we're feeling generous. With the aerodynamics of that car (despite the looks, I'd estimate a Cd of at least .35, probably .4, and an absolutely massive frontal area) and the engine output that 93 mph is most definitely _not_ gear limited. I'd guess that with a 3-speed automatic it is probably turning less than 2,500 RPM at 65 mph. Doesn't sound like much, but redline was likely around 4,500 RPM, so it's relatively high-revving.

I drove a Mustang with a 3-speed and a 390 V8 once. Damn fine car. Almost bought it instead of the 951.
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