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I got a couple comments here.

1) Manufacturers designing engines... So you really think they look at how to get the most performance from an engine when designing it? No, they have way too many other things to look at. Typically in this order; Cost (this includes being used in other applications), Environment, Life Span, Noise, Less Mean Time to Repair, Fuel Mileage, HP Performance, and finally Weight. This means that no engine you ever get will match exactly what you want it to do, be the best performance engine it can be, or even the best gas mileage.

2) Hydro vs. Solid... I guess if you really like adjusting your valves, more power to you. I only put 4-5k miles on my Porsche a year, and that means I adjust my valves 3 times a year. Each time I hate it more and more. That's one of the biggest reasons I'm doing an engine swap to a 2.2L Kcar engine.

3) Jake has a point, in a way. However, ALL current engines running Hydro valves will out last any VW solid valve engine.

4) The part about finding drive line problems sooner with solid valves. If you can do that, sweet. Unfortunatly, I am not skillful enough to pick out little noises here and there and determin what is wrong. I do know that a lot of people are, but then again a lot of people are not.

5) Rouser, you said "As much as hydraulics supposedly (see Jake's comments) would save in periodic adjustments, the loss in horsepower wasn't acceptable (a step backwards?)." We are talking about a 95hp at best motor. Don't you think that they could have thought of something a little better then the one they threw in? The reason they didn't put a differant engine in is because of cost. They already had the design, the place to manufacture it, and the block basically just sitting there. I don't think they wanted to spend the money to design a better engine.

Anyway, I personally wouldn't spend any money on an engine I plan on dumping within the next year or two.
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