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Ok...not that my opinion means anything but dog dung to anyone but goes.

I started my 914 experience with a dog tired 1.7l with a dropped valve seat. Changed the motor to a 2.0 with normal lifters but the eye on the top of the oil pick up had been broken off and the case also had been screwed up so the sump plate wouldn't totally seal. Took that engine out and rebuilt the 2.0 with a different case...and used hydraulic lifters.

I really want to slap myself for doing that, but I don't have the time right now to replace the cam and lifters, etc.

My car makes horrible noise if it sits for a couple of days without being run.
I saw the cams that came out of engines with hydraulic lifters at Jake Raby's workshop. I know that what happened to those is happening to my engine, I just hope the cam is good enough quality to last a while.

This next part makes sense to me...but is my opinion
What happens to the cam is that there is pressure on it at all times from the lifter. The way hydraulic valves are set is that the adjuster is screwed down two full turns after it makes contact with the valve. This causes there to be some pressure on the bottom of the lobe on the cam, whereas solid lifters have relatively no pressure at this point(some because of when the engine heats up, the slack is supposed to be taken out). When the lobe is pushing on the lifter to open the valve, there is the combined force of the spring and the lifter.

More force causes faster wear.

Another thing with hydraulic lifters is that they remind you that you need to change your oil. They like really CLEAN oil, so you get to change after around 3000 miles. In these engines, that is what I would do anyways, but it is almost a necessity with hydraulic lifters.

If I had to adjust the lifters every oil change, I would possibly sell the car and get a newer one much sooner. I love the car, but having to tinker with it can be annoying. This car is my daily driver, so I have made it fairly reliable for now.

Again, my opinion is just that...not based on real mechanical knowledge. I am a chemist, not an engineer.
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