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Originally posted by CliffBrown
I'm a little confused about the sequence of events you've taken so I'll just take a shot in the dark.

I assume the cam tower boss were well lubricated prior to installation of the cam. Did the cam turn easily while installed in the cam tower? Did you then retorque the head stud nuts? Were the cam tower nuts installed and torqued prior to installing the cam? Did you torque the heads first and then install the cam tower or simultaneously.

What's the status of the other cam?

It's possible to encounter problems with a binding cam especially when rebuilding a 7R case or after having work performed on the heads mating surface. Also the sequence of torquing the head studs is important. [/B]
The sequence was as follows:

1. I assembled the engine up to Ps/Cs installed.
2. I installed the heads
3. I installed the cam tower - with Loctite 574
4. I torqued the cam tower to head nuts - per the sequence and spec in the workshop manual
5. I torqued the head nuts per the sequence and spec in the workshop manual
6. I applied assembly lube to the cam and the cam tower
7. I inserted the cam for a test fit - it went in smoothly and turned easily
8. I attempted to remove the cam and found it hung up 1/3 of the way out - where the end bearing of the cam hits the bearing in the cam tower between cylinders 2 and 3. I spent over an hour rotating, jiggling, etc with no improvement.
9. I sent the first message.
10. I attempted to install the chain housing with the cam in place and found it wouldn't quite clear the studs.
11. I loosened the head nuts two turns
12. I installed the chain housing with the cam in place.
13. I retorqued the head nuts per the workshop manual.
14. Assembly continued with alignment of the sprockets.

The right cam is fine. It came out with no problem after the test fit. It turns just slightly easier than the left cam. The difference is small.
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