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I have a slightly different take on this. Only because we have done so many of these swaps that the cost is inviting to say the least. First off never assume that a motor is healthy. NEVER NEVER. I would ask for a leak down and be present when this happens. Make them do it hot. I would offer to pay them for the time to do it. This way they are comfortable jumping through hoops.

5k installed as a swap is almost unreal. No way would or could I do it. Certainly not for a 2.7 swap. So I would make sure that the 3.0T is a healthy steed. If it is I would get the proposal in writing and do the deal. The 3.0T is worth more hands down. It will actually be less maintenance. If stock the motor ran lower compression than even that of the 3.3 turbo and ran lower boost. It has a stronger case (3.0 Carrera case) and obviously opens the door to more HP down the road. For example 400 to the wheels. Not a cheap venture, but my point is that motor will do it. The 2.7 not on its best day in this lifetime can do that.

I agree, what are the goals. I would suspect that a motor to keep up with the body kit would be more to your liking, but I could be wrong. Everyone is different. For 5K that is more HP than you would ever get spending 5K on the 2.7.

Consider this option wisely. This is a good deal if in fact the motor is healthy. Look for updates such as turbo and exhaust. You want to make sure the thermo reactors are gone. They are junk and add nothing but problems.

In response to your 2.7 leaking. It will always leak if you have the mag case in there. They simply are spent by this age in life and no amount of machining or certing will keep that case from shifting and moving in time. They will seal for a short while then resume as normal. The cure and answer to that is using a 2.0 case. Which I have explained is not a cheap or deal either. Unfortunately the mag case from a weight standpoint was great, for a practical standpoint was terrible.
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