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Ford in actuall Porsche ?

Sure Viseton is delivering several modules. The door opener is a slightly modified Ford Focus/Mondeo unit.

The 993 was a "turnaround" in the Porsche world.

Before that Porsche tried to make the best car doesnīt matter what others think.

Then came the crisis and Mr. Kaizen himself was turning the Porsche philosophy around. Now Porsche where pointet to; as good as BMW in Shareholdervalue and Productquality.

Just make a car with a good surface.

Also this was easyer as all the OEM could modify existing parts and doesnīt have to made special Porsche high quality parts.

This all ( and much more ) droped the costs.

Porsche is the only company ever that made such a turnaround within 3 Years.

The reason for the SUV is very simple; new costumers.

The car is not focused on us Sportscardriver. It is focused on the 50% human being known as female.

Porsche also is hoping for sales in the more "Off" areas like Asia/Pacific or Russia.

Well yes VW is in financial trouble as they have bought Bentley, Lamborgini, Bugatti, Cosworth engenieering and many other companys.

Piech is a bit grazy and thinks real big ( Well the austrians seem to have this always in there heads ).

Many of those companys need huge money to invest in new products and then they will hit on the inhouse rivals.

But on the other hand Lamborgini is a Traktor and farmer machine company with the best engenieering for those tasks. I can follow most of his moves like on a chess board.

Ford is not in a strong position. VW is partially owned by the staate and Volkswagen owns a hughe stock themself. A big share was spread to the small people and they donīt react like a bank. Thats why the stock value is under the average. VW stocks sould normally be at BMW level. VW was never focused in shareholdervalues and reinvestet more in the company & products.

A friendly merger would maybe work. But why should Piech ? he is some 10 Years ahead from Ford and in the next car generation his products share platforms very effective.

Ford is now still on the start and "captured" Mr. Reitzle to get a line in the products. And Reitzle will have his impact hopefully in the US production.

Also Ford and VW had some sharing projects ( f.e. the Sharan/Galaxy Minivans ) and VW allways bought them out as they had to much trouble in the philosophy. Quality is allways one of the most imortant things for VW but Ford even donīt had that on focus.
Ford Galaxy ( realy, thats the name i know the US Galaxys ) owners drove there Vans to VW to get major problems fittet. Very basic things like selfburning cars or decentered hubs. Ford germany has lost more then the half from his inland marked.

The future will not go on like the uS heads think. The average costumer will go to a good quality product and use it longer and then the hughe capacitys in US car industrie will break in. The "Facliftindustrie" doesnīt have the power to generate technologigical progress. Some companys have more designers and cost controlers then engenieers.

And yes the new Cayenne is also integratet as VW platform. The other trick is that Porsche even doenīt have to sell any SUV to make money with the branch. The branch is built from Porsche Austria money ( Witch is a company from Piech ) and "rentet" to Volkswagen.

Also Porsche has plans to build some other cars in that branch if the SUV will fail.

Maybe we see an other VW-Porsche or Audi-Porsche again ?

Hadnīt been bad cars either ?

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