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In fact Dr.Porsche died neraly at the same moment when the last 993 was rolled out from the factory.


1. When Porsche started outsourcing components with the 993, did the quality fall ?

Well it was still ol 911 and all the things startet to improve the 964. When the 964 came out the 993 was allready under his way even the body contours and all the other things where nearly finished. Mainly the time was investet for the new Turbo witch needed a new rear axle and many usefull things to make maintance easyer. On the other end they went trough the ready car and simplfied the most things and many OEMīs where "lopezed" ( price dictation ). A good point on decreasing quality in small numbers is how the licence plate lights went down over the years.
On the 993 every cent was turned more then twice and the cost controler had the last word.
But similar things did happen with Mercedes and some others too. Some had been allready a decade ahead ( BMW ).

2. FYI: Porsche is opening a dealership in Beijing.

I think they hope to sale 20 cars this year. Also Porsche is maybe constructing the new chinese Volkswagen.

The SUV will have some markets in rougher areas from Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Australia, Arabia/middle east, Russia. Just where a sportscar isnīt usable as the streets are even worser then in New York.

There are many wealthy people siting on there haziendas. Thinking about the annual replacment for there high performance SUV ( Yes those Cheetas get old too and the HumVee isnīt really a drivers car )


3. VW CEO Piech "thinks big"? Compared to...? Jurgen Schremmp? The latter has been thinking "big" for a decade, acquiring Freightliner, Fokker and Chrysler, all of which have lost money for Daimler. And he tried to acquire Nissan but his board vetoed it.

Oh in germany Piech was compared to A.Hitler.

Piech isnīt a normal industrial leader, he is more a dictator.

And Mercedes did aquire many companys over the years. But they allways made money with it. They just keep it looking bad to save on taxes. Mostley the aquired companys where partially joined into MB and the ( useless ) rest spitet out and had to run on them self or with help from the goverment.

Well at the Daimler Chrysler "merger" I was thinking who pulled the other over the table.

Most of the analysts in germany canīt see the reason why mercedes should merge with Chrysler. Some of them said that Chrysler will be much cheaper in the future.

But generally it was a simple way for daimler to save big money on taxes ( the merging was done under german law as the tax rate for that is much better ).

Well there was a joke. Chrysler merged as the gEOīs would like to park there Mercedes in the company parking lots and Mercedes GEO`s as they could rise there earnings to chrysler level.

@ Mikkel

Donīt you know that Porsche had to redesign the suspension after the A-class cause ? Porsche widened the rear stance and made a new shock setup ( little turbo ) but engenieers said it has a generally missconstruction and needs a redesign.

Now rumors are that the next smart is constructet with some help from Porsche and will have a more midengine layout.

First cars are out in the streets and will hit sales as a sporty two seat roadster.

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