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Hereís a summary checklist:

-fax the title to the border crossing where the vehicle will cross 3 business days in advance of export
-obtain insurance coverage and trip permit (if driving)
-arrive at the border with bill of sale, original title, proof of clear title (no liens) and a credit card with a high limit.
-US side: present original title and bill of sale, have the VIN examined
-Canadian side: pay duty, GST, AC charge, RIV charge (if applicable), fill out importation form, RIV form
-Once in Canada get safety inspection and e-test (if applicable), Canadian RIV modifications (if applicable)
-Have car pass RIV inspection at Canadian Tire (if applicable)
-Take safety and e-test to Ministry of Transportation office, pay PST, registration fee, purchase plates (or register old plates to this car)

On thing to bear in mind with this whole process: YMMV. With everything. You can ask 5 different border guards a question about procedures and get 5 different answers. This goes for both US and Canadian sides, and also for RIV. Most of the people on the phone are clueless, rude, and irritated that you bothered them (your tax dollars at workÖ). Always check (and maybe bring with you) whatever you can find in writing on the various government websites, pamphlets, anything you can find, in case you show up at the border and someone tells you youíve got it wrong. Sometimes someone on the phone will be helpful, so itís always worth a shot, but donít expect much. Believe it or not, but the Ministry of Transportation people are the more friendly and helpful (and less bureaucratic) bunch youíll deal with in this process.

Here are some websites that you most definitely should read:

Registrar of Imported Vehicles:

Canada Border Services Agency, Importing a Vehicle into Canada:

Transport Canadaís List of Vehicles Admissible from the US:

Disclaimer: This information is collected from my own personal experience and that of others, and is NOT legal advice. The bill of sale below was created by myself, not a lawyer. It has worked for me in the past, but I canít guarantee its legality. There may be errors in here, and things may differ between various provinces and states. I wonít be held responsible for any problems you may encounter importing a vehicle. Itís a world run by lawyers: if you want to make sure you cya, call one!


The seller named herein agrees to sell the vehicle listed below to the buyer named herein, for the price indicated. The seller hereby guarantees that he/she is the legal owner of the vehicle indicated and that the vehicle title is clear of any liens or other encumbrances. All taxes, duty and shipping charges will be paid by the buyer. Upon receipt of funds, the seller agrees to sign over the title into the name of the buyer.


VIN: ________________

Sale price: ________________

Name of Seller: ________________

[name], seller


Name of Buyer: ________________

[name], buyer

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