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Well I just got back from bringing a car all the way from NJ.

Just a few notes:

1) A lot of people say '72 hours notice' at the US Border. Wrong, it is three working days from when they enter your car into the system. If you fax at 8AM Wednesday, you proabably can not clear US customs until 10AM Monday. No weekends at Lewiston Bridge, Mon-Fri 9-4PM.

I drove to NJ Friday night, picked up my car Saturday AM, and headed north at 11:30AM. As customs was closed I dropped my car at tow-truck compound in Lewiston (only $15 per night) and was back in Oakville at 9:30PM. If you need to store a car near the border PM me and I'll give you a phone number.

2) US Customs took me less that two minutes. He asks for ownership, asks where the car is, doesn't even look up. Stamps my ownership and says get lost.

3) Canada Customs took 15 minutes to get the paperwork done and payment complete. Famous last words 'just give the yellow slip to the agent outside and you're on your way'.

I climb in my truck, look around, no-one is outside. Should I leave? Dumb me, no, I find an agent and hand her my slip. 'Wait inside while I search your car'. She goes through my SUV for 15 minutes, with a helper. The helper leaves, she keeps searching. She comes back, very pissed of (no reefer seeds in my car).

BB (Border b1tch): 'What did you really pay for the car?'
Me: $11,500 USFunds (totally true)
BB: How did you pay?
Me; Money order (I give her a copy)
BB 'Where did you find out about this car?'
Me: '' (free advertising)
BB: 'I'm going to check the web-site'
Me: F-you, and your girlfriend (inner voice). Yes maam (outer voice)

20 minutes later

BB: 'Come with me'

We go into the back room, where a male gaurd stands behind me, quite ready to defend both of them against my, my ummm, I guess my car keys?:

BB: What did you really pay?
Me: $11,500.
BB: We get people in here everyday lying to us about what they paid.
Me: So you're calling me a lair?
BB: I'm just telling you what people do everyday. What is the buyers phone number?
Me: I do not know, I only communicated by email (He would not give me a phone number, I tried).
BB: I'll give you a last chance to be honest, that car is worth far more than $11,500.
Me: I have been honest, if it wasn't a good price I wouldn't have driven 20 hours to get it. You checked the web-site, he was asking $12,500 right? I offered $11,500 and he took it. (still true).
BB: You know it's a crime to misrepresent your purchase price, maybe you made a down payment in top of the money order?. (desperation)
Me: I know it is a crime that's why I have beem honest from the start.
BB: Empty your pockets.
Me: Oh good, let me know if I have any rectal polups (inner voice).
BB: She just looks at my wallet and keys, (I think she was hoping for a receipt that said $25,000 US Funds). ' You can go now'

Moral of the story? Even when you are honest you're only minutes away from a cavity search

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