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Originally posted by Emission
* The air in that area of the engine isn't really that hot. There is a large rubber gasket designed just to keep the "hot" stuff (exhaust, CAT, headers, etc...) from heating up the "cool" stuff (intake, intercooler, etc...). I will be moving so much air that my temps will be nearly ambient.
The original design has the engine fan pulling air thru the IC (as well as through the AC) and across the engine.

Originally posted by Emission
* Porsche wanted a high pressure area above the spoiler to force air into the intercooler and reduce lift and drag. In stock form, the air isn't very high pressure up there (preventing it from being forced through the intercooler). My fan will INCREASE air pressure in this area, aiding aerodynamics and engine cooling.
Well take me through this like a child. You're pulling air from the passenger side of the lid to the drivers side of the lid. How are you actually improving the high pressure on the whole tail? Furthermore, if it is the case that you are pulling air up through the IC, into this admittedly higher pressure area, won't it be inefficient by definition? Note Jim's numbers. There is a slight pressure gradient from top to bottom of the IC.

From an aerodynamic point of view, it might be beneficial for down-force at the tail to suck air from between the road and car to above the teatray, but would a tiny fan like that move anywhere near the CFM to actually see a noticeable difference?

Originally posted by Emission
* Yes, it makes sense to dump post-intercooler air out of the engine compartment. However, that doesn't solve the relatively low natural flow of air through the intercooler - the fan does.
See my first observation. The air through the intercooler is being sucked by the engine fan.

Emission, why not simply block off the AC side as previously suggested? Probably be easier to fab, won't potentially harm the IC, and cheaper.
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