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This conversation seems quite on-topic, since the premise of your question looks like a continuation of the questions about what the tuning specifications should be, with yet another reference to the previous builder that has a negative tone.

The internet is a fantastic tool where an infinite amount of information is available, and where it is simple to communicate with thousands of other people. The best part (or worst depending upon your perspective) for some people is that they can participate more or less anonymously by simply choosing a catchy moniker, logging on and saying whatever is on their minds.

Unfortunately, this combination also means that many times people will type things that they would never have the courage to say to a person's face. Or they will present arguments, or make statements as fact, when the reality is that it is simply an opinion. Worse, they will make statements or arguments second hand, presented as facts, when the reality is that as second hand information it is simply hearsay. Even worse yet, is when a person presents hearsay as facts without considering the source, and what motivations they may have for feeding that information.

Finally, worst of all, when all is said and done and a person recognizes and publicly acknowledges that what they have been told may not be the truth after all, perhaps for innocent reasons or perhaps not, and the statements have painted a third party in a very bad light with no reasonable expectation of rebuttal, is not taking ownership of the remarks and having the grace to make as public an apology as were the damning remarks.

It's one thing, and telling about a person to be susceptible in the first place to suggestions of wrong-doing on the part of other people not in attendance from parties in professional competition. It's quite another to run with those unsubstantiated theories and immediately post them on the internet with subject line prefixes like "WTF" and adding multiple exclamation marks and other punctuation for emphasis in an attempt to inflame, without first considering that all the info may not be available, and the analysis may change, or that the info is probably simply biased. More importantly, doing this without some deliberation and in consideration of the consequences for third parties.

And most importantly, CONTINUING this style of communication after publicly acknowledging that the entire basis of the theories has failed to be substantiated, and was probably driven by interests and parties (you know who you are) with motivations outside a true concern of discovering the truth. And continuing to associate and align oneself with the aforementioned parties, in a posture that looks like taking sides, rather than remaining above the fray.
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