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Just as you are free to make whatever statements you desire, so am I free to add my 2 cents to the discussion. If you find my remarks to be tiresome and invasive, it's unfortunate that you cannot seem to see the point that I am trying to make, or feel like you're being unfairly targeted.

It's quite interesting and somewhat ironic that the shoe now seems to be on the other foot, not to mention that those with dogs in the hunt now feel compelled to pay a visit.

To the issue at hand.

The origin or accuracy of the info supplied is totally irrelevant. The credibility, sincerety, motives, et all of those making judgements is beside the point. The point is....what was done with the info, before and after. That is the issue.

Posting speculative analysis is fine, when it doesn't contain an element of suggestion of wrongdoing by other parties, that was so easily facilitated. Perhaps this was not your intent, however that is how it was perceived by many people. Particularly a person that has done more for the Porsche community, quite generously, and with class and modesty. A person that I assume found the entire episode to be very distasteful and beyond the pale, and that reached out to you in a polite and discreet manner, only to be rebuffed as if his expectation were unreasonable. Quite absurd.

A simple two sentence semi-acknowledgement very late in the game buried within a post somewhere does not go nearly far enough to undo the momentum of the negative connotation that you seem so eager to perpetuate, nor does it come off as sincere.

What evidence do I have to make this judgement you may wonder? It's the mention by name of a person that "no longer answers my e-mail" as a tidbit of information at the beginning of this contemporary posting that could not possibly have any relevance to the question at hand beyond an easy, convenient snipe. A snipe that communicates quite clearly the true status of your judgement about the situation.

What's a reasonable resolution to the quandary? Either reach out to the person and try to establish a dialogue if you sincerely think that there is no basis for complaint, or quit dancing around, declare your allegiances, and say what you really think so we can all take sides and move on.
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