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You don't need a new fuel head, you probably don't need a TiAL wastegate, you probably don't need an adjustable WUR, and you're not going to blow up your engine.

The engine combo you have described is mild.
The stock fuel head will support up to 400HP at the crank.
Sock WURs tend to run RICH, not lean, while on boost on a mildly modded engine such as what you have described.

What you do need to do, in order to be properly informed, is to purchase some diagnostic tools. A CIS pressure tester and a wide band A/F meter or LM1 is a good start. Put all your go fast goodies on the engine and tune it up. Once you get it running well check the A/F ratio throughout the full RPM range, either with the A/F test equipment or on a dyno. With that data you will know if your WUR needs adjusting.

Stephen won't sell you anything you don't need. If your stock wastegate is functioning properly there is no need to spend several hundred dollars on a TiAL, unless you just want one. You can also rebuild your stock one for $50.

You can make your own WUR adjustable if need be. The fully adjustable units are necessary for a high output CIS engine (above 400HP to the crank) but not so much for engines such as yours and mine.

Now with all that said, these are all nice items to have if money is no issue. The only item I would truely never use unless the need was proven by lean A/F ratios is the modded fuel head. Moving more fuel than you need will blow your gas mileage and can actually cost you power if the A/F ratios become too rich. Stephen will tell you the same thing.

As for smog equipment, the only thing your engine needs to run is a WUR and a fuel head. Period. Everything else can go. You will also want to keep the cold start injector and the auxilliary air regulator for easy cold starts during those nippy months in Michigan.
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