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I have tried enriching the fuel, but no improvements. So here's the story! All this really started with a slight misfire which my mechanic mentioned was an electrical problem about a year ago at the same time cylinder 6 had this odd symptom of loosening up the sparkplug and disconnecting the wire connection itself. Just last month I had time to work on the car. Looking for sources to the issue I took it upon myself to replace all of the seals in the intake. When that didn't solve anything. I had the fuel distributor rebuilt. I then adjusted the valves on the car which was over due. Opening valve covers I discovered a barrel nut that had loosened itself and was just in there. I put that nut back into it's place and the car ran great! I took it out for a drive that day and came back with a rough running engine and a squeeking cylinder 6. I took apart the valve covers on the right side and re torqued all the barrel nuts, and the sound went away, but the car still ran like crap. So I took apart the valve covers and rechecked the clearances and they all checked out! I put a new ignition coil in, wires and spark plugs next. There was no improvement. I then aquired a throttle body for the car. The car came with a throttle body that was damaged. The idle screw was stripped and someone put teflon tape on it! I checked the numbers on the throttle body for a match and they matched perfectly. The car ran better but still had a misfire! So then the ignition distributor was next on my list! I was able to find a distributor on ebay. I took it apart and it looked a lot better than the original which I rebuilt. I put a new pulse coil in it and installed it. The car then idled perfectly. But now it has the hesitation like it doesn't have enough gas going to it. Then the next day the perfect idle somewhat went away. I really haven't run the car for a year. I checked all the injectors on a pop tester and they all checked out except for one that was leaking and I replace that one after looking at the spark plugs and realizing that one was wet with fuel. The car then idled great =) But it was decieving! I took the car out for a drive and then, that is where the bucking became evident. I noticed a sound inside the cabin as if the car was straining to get fuel! It sounded like the front fuel pump seizing! So the next day I bought a new fuel pump from Performance Prod. It was one of those pierburg pumps. I put it in and just when I opened the clamp to let the gas go through a drip started to develop! I checked to make sure it was non of the fittings! It became evidant that it was coming from the seam of the fuel pump. So come tomorrow I will return this new fuel pump and try again! I recently checked the thermal time switch which I replace a year ago and it was fine. The WUR is new. The AAR valve is new and doing it's job. All the connections on the fuse panel are fine, fuses as well! I have strong reason to believe that the front fuel pump is becoming weak. All relays are new as well. So I'm anticipating tomorrow! I will also get a can of brake cleaner and check for leaks around the throttle body. My other suspicion is that the orange o ring at the base does not seal too well.........
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