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Originally posted by Craig911
321 still has issues. At or around 1800 321 becomes unstable. The bottom line is headers will crack from many things. One of the biggest factors is EGTs and cars running too lean. If you think that 321 doesn't crack, think again.

Here is the question. On a car that runs lower EGTs and proper AFRs will last easily 10 years. If you buy a new set of hears that cost 1800.00 every 5-10 years break down that cost. That works out to be a small expense.

Unless the headers are 625 Inconel you are going to see issues at some point. 6K or not. So if you get 5-10 years from the B&Bs for a 1/4 of the price you could run them for 3-4 years and sell them on ebay for 3/4 of the cost and buy a new set.
Still dig those Chinese headers?
ok So I was not going to respond but whom out of anyone here is running 1800 degrees EGT?? Maybe if it were there wrong J/K connection.. most NA cars run 1500 MAX 155o aturbo charged version will go to mid 1600 if some one is getting higher they are recording the meltdown anyhow 321 in its truest sense is far superior to anything aside from inconel/ or TI.. That said if these OBX Headers are truely 321 and were welded without burning in the weld to exceed 800 degrees IN the HAZ which would cause carbide percipitation and they fit I would bet they would last as long or longer then the B&B at more then half the cost.. as I said before These are the same headers as schnell,GSF 95% sure made at the same factory

you guys would be very suprised to see what is really made here(USA) and what is not

Oh and just a note most folks run the EGT probes in the wrong location anyhow so the readings are typically way incorrect as idealy you should place them at the flame tip which is about 2-2.5 inches from edge of the piston no matter what application or make of engine.. I have done hours and hours of testing regarding this.. anyhow would I expect the most of these Exchangers probably not. are they a good value.. I would say yes because I can't even make a header for that kind of money and from I have seen of recent chinese products the quality is sky rocketing across the board.. now are they on the same level as US made stuff sometimes yes sometimes no.. but for under 500 bucks man seems like most of us are DIY guys and with that realize the risk/benifits??


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