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Some of you guys crack me up. First of all the obx header stuff is crap, unfortately i use it quite a bit because alot of my customers buy it, its everywhere over on ebay. I've seen there headers actually have the wastage fall off, crack a million times etc etc. The material they use is crap, they don't purge them when they weld them, which makes a ****ty weld, plus they get almost no penetration. They're crap. Fine run them on a $500 honda but not a 930. As far as Marco Manzie headers, they are very nice, probably the best, Hes a good friend of mine, and trust me someone wouldn't make a set of equal quality headers for 2k for you, theres almost that much in materials in them. Marco has been making them for along time and each set takes it over 40 hrs to make, you do the math. His headers are "TRUE EQUAL LENGTH", each of the runners are within 1/8 inch of each other. He does all of the little stuff that makes them right, like making sure this weld is after the bend because the bend actually changes the size and flow of the pipe etc etc. I've been making headers for awhile now and still might splurge for a set of his. Someone posted a link to Full-Race, i also use there products alot, yes there headers are very nice, but has anyone here actually seen/felt one of there headers. They're heavy as hell. I made a set of headers for my 930 using the same materials, SS schedule 40, they worked well, but they had to weigh 40-50lbs, i ended up ditching them because last thing i want to have hanging off of the bottom of the back of my already heavy rearended 930 is more weight. I do think that someone could make a good set of equal length headers in the 2K price range but they're not be be top quality, but still decently designed good functioning quality headers for the guy that doesn't have to ring that last 10hp out of his engine.
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