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Yeah, Merv, I agree we are all here to learn and exchange ideas and knowledge. I have to think about this in greater detail for a bit. I have been somewhat idle on getting the car running for the past couple of months (had to build an addition on the garage for the fleet), and I'm just getting the engine back together now.

I suppose one must consider timing of the throttle closing events:
Throttle closes >
Residual pressure in compressor outlet tube >
Pressure wave (like water hammer at the washing machine) >
Shock wave manifest at the compressor>
Exhaust gas flow slows due to throttle closing >
Throttle re-opens >
Turbo re-spools >

So, how can we make the excess discharge pressure mitigate the shock wave, and use it to our advantage? We have turbos, because it is basically "free" HP.

I kicked the idea of a bladder storage tank around; check valve at the pseudo-BOV inlet, bleed back to the compressor inlet tube at atmospheric plus a skosh pressure, but can't figure the logistics, nor have I done the calculations of the tank sizing. It's kind of crazy, and not fully thought out. I just think that the pressure wave can be utilized to supplement the free HP aspect.

I think about this stuff until someone tells me I'm crazy.
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