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Re: 930 Repair & Maintenance Cost

Originally posted by mkimber
I am seriously considering replacing my stock '87 Carrera with 97k miles with a '87 930 with 67k. Are the general repair and maintenance costs for the 930 that significantly higher or is that just urban legend? If they are higher, why? Cost of parts? 930 are just more "fincky" and "high maintenance?
Mostly, it's just people passing on crap they "learn" on the internet, I suppose. I have owned both regular 911s and 930s for over 20 years and I have found that the 930s aren't much different. They certainly aren't finicky, or temperamental.

When doing a valve adjustment, there are a few more things to remove, so it takes a little longer, but that's about it. I usually pull the air pump and lines off a 930 at the first service, which helps.

Brake pads and rotors are a little higher, but then, I don't replace those often. There are other things that are a little more expensive to replace on a 930 (e.g., rear wheel bearings) but they fall into the category of probably never needing replacement.

Most people spend money in one of two areas. They buy a less-than-perfect 930 and spend money to get it sorted out. Don't buy someone else's problem; just wait for a nice one. Or, they feel that they have to modify the car and spend money on cams, an exhaust, an intercooler, a turbo, yada, yada, yada. Skip this and enjoy the car. It will be worth more money in the long term if you leave it stock. They are fast enough. If you want to go faster than a stock 930 is capable of, buy a newer Porsche turbo.

I'd steer clear of buying someone else's modified car. There are a lot of aftermarket parts that just aren't the same quality as the stock ones. Stainless steel exhausts come to mind, here. The aftermarket crap will usually develop cracks, sooner or later. There's a lot of poor workmanship to be found on modified cars. Also, it's hard to hurt a stock 930 but not so hard to ruin a modified one. Lot's of them get hammered by their owners. I know of one locally I wouldn't have if you gave it to me. It looks nice but if you saw how it was driven....

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