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930 AFR? To Be or Not to Be?

Your Professional perspectives requested….

I own a 87 930 with a 1 bar spring, Fabspeed exhaust and BMC intake filters. My question is: I would like to know the benefits of installing an AFR Gauge.

1. Will it monitor and reflect my AFR under load and during a tune up that is precise enough to adjust the CIS to reflect a 12.6 stoichiometric ratio.

2. Will it tell me accurately that my car is running rich/lean when I kick the spurs to her? Is it accurate to reflect a lean out under boost that could cause excessive heat and detonation.

3. should it be utilized in concert with other instrumentation such as a boost gauge or EGT. I would eventually like to install a Tial WG or bump up to a 1.2 bar spring with a larger Intercooler (You Know that its never fast enough....An SR-71 is too slow… right?).

4. I asked a fellow at Turbo City in Orange, Ca about the AFR gauge and he utterly looked at me with contempt. Stating that Porsche had built the system robust enough that this AFR biz would be redundant and not necessary. He also says you cant rebuild a 3DLZ Turbo anymore because of a lack of cabobulater shafts made in England…Really ? (Straightened me out in a hurry! Damn fool question to ask…I left with my tail between my legs) I think my turbo leaks a smidgen of oil in my exhaust. Sometimes a inadvertent puff of smoke like dripping hamburger oil on a BBQ. Strange!

5. If wide band UEGO’s sensors where used in car fuel injection systems in the 1980’s would this instrument possibly be included in a stock 930????? (I guess if they installed that oil capacity gage anything goes!)

So I decided to get on Pelican Parts and ask the Varsity Team…HELLO ….Do I need an AFR Gauge????????????Help!

Last thing….When I purchased my little hot rod it came with brand new 17”, K27 Kinesis wheels. When I saw the picture on line in the Autotrader I asked myself “What happened to the Fuchs”? Geez those wheels look like hell! ..Wrong thing to say…..The seller was appalled that someone would say such a thing..I’m usually playfully spirited but not gruff. He stated he just paid $5K for them…Now I look at him with contempt shoulda coulda bought Lindseys. The one thing I liked about Porsches was the hole package that included the Fuch look. Ever since I have been lambasted, barbequed and tarred and feathered for thinking of replacing the K27’s with Fuchs. Have you ever heard the statement ‘”Are you stupid or sump thin?” or “Are you crazy..Are you insane?” If I show up to next years New Years run with Fuchs I don’t want to hear it. Yes..I replaced them with Fuchs…ALL my buddies say …”Look , Nimrod, all the racers have Kinesis including Craig”. (I Think) I dunno? I just like Fuchs! Its kinds like this to me…My wonderful wife says distressed furniture is the trendy inn thing….I don’t care what the trend is put that piece of junk outside for the trash….And hurry!

My car is image #5 of the 2007 New Years Run

Anyone want to trade a K27 (Turbo) and a upgraded IC for the set of almost brand new Kinesis wheels with Yoko tires. They fit a turbo perfectly..


Bob Snyder
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