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Re: 930 Value

Originally posted by PAUL RODELO

You stated,

"Looking at blk/blk <10K mile stock '89 930. Owner asking $66K. Can the Excellence market value somehow be extrapolated to such a car?"

I've owned my 79 930 since 99 with 57K miles and have driven over 120K additional miles myself. I own to drive. A low mileage 930 will only retain its value as long as it remains a LOW mileage 930.

As Craig 930 RS said, "What's it worth to you?" I agree the $66K is above the norm, but so is the car you are describing. If you are just looking at $$$ Gary R brings up a great comparison of vehicle option. Yes, the 993TT can run circles around the 930.... no question. But it depends on what your intentions are with the vehicle.

The vehicle in question will only retain a high premium as long as you do not drive it. I, on the other hand, I drive Porsches....and when they get tired, I have them rebuilt.

Yes there were many 930s built, however...most were destroyed in the first few weeks of purchase or have been very abused. So, assuming the blk/blk 89 930 in question has been well cared for and properly documented with only $10K original miles....I do feel that is quite rare.

Well, if a 930 is what you are after...than a 993TT will never do. They are completely different cars. Personally, I would drive it regardless if it had 10K or 100K miles. I am approaching 180K miles on mine and just did a full rebuilt.

Wonderful car it is. And in all my years of ownership....never once an issue with CIS. CIS only becomes an issue if you want over 400 bhp.

In the latter part of 2006, I made extensive updates to the once factory 930. Many may not agree with my decisions....but I am really enjoying the car. When you purchase should do the same. It's not all about bhp...make them's about power to weight.

Yes, that red car was once my 79 930. Now I made a 74 RSR/IROC with all 930 running gear including factory I/C all under the duck-tail. Do the math...under 2700 lbs.....and un-corked 930 power. Not too shabby. Make them "LIGHT" and let them "BREATH". my opinion...the only thing going for an 89 is the 5 spd. I perfer the 78/79. Non catalyst vehicles...soon to be smog exempt....lighter....less creature comforts.

Just remember...
If that car "TALKS" to you...and it's "THE ONE", buy it, enjoy it.....DRIVE IT. I do....and I never look back!

Best of luck Pavulon in your search!

This is so well said! And I love what you've done with your 930!

I bought a low mileage 930 (35,000 miles) because it was to be my daily driver. I paid a premium for a car that looked like it did the day it left the showroom. I thought the lower mileage would mean more life for me...less troubles How wrong I was! 8,000 miles later I decided to pull the engine and rebuild it! The oil leaks were too much for me to bare and I just got carried away with the "while you're in there's"! It was an expensive lesson, but the car is better than ever and totally sorted! I drive it daily and wouldn't hesitate to take it accross the country!

As Paul said, the car just spoke to me! When I saw the ad on Ebay...I just knew that was the one...I had to have it! I quickly negotiated a deal off-line and the rest is history! I bought to drive and I have no regrets! If the rock chips get to be too much, I'll have it painted. If the interior wear begins to bother me, I'll have it recovered! If the engine goes down again, I'll rebuild it! I just refuse to leave this thing sitting in the garage.
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