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Get above .8 bar without verification of all functioning CIS components, and you are in unknown territory.

Check, verify, and keep the boost at one level.
I guess I don't understand the obsession with "adjustable boost" - on a stock CIS 930, it is damn foolish.
H2O, the ability to adjust boost upwards for more power is enticing, however there are severe detriments in doing so as Craig is suggesting above. Unless a person is technically literate with the specific upgrades done to their car (and presuming that these are the correct upgrades necessary to make the engine live) boost should not be increased. The 930 engine was designed for .8 bar boost and there is very little latitude to increase the boost before going beyond the threshold of stock CIS and pump gas.

The nuts n bolts of the problems are: air/fuel ratio correction to avoid a lean mixture as seen with stock CIS above .8 bar boost, ensuring ignition timing is correct, fuel octane adequate to avoid detonation.

The boost regulator indicates that your car has been run at elevated boost so perhaps it has sufficient upgrades, or not.

My opinion is you should spend a little time to investigate your upgrades prior to going foot to the floor. Heck, bone stock 930s should have timing and AFRs inspected. You never know what has taken place with previous owners, my own 930 being a perfect example.

Good to hear you are pleased with your car. As Craig said, try to include some pictures of the car itself. We never see enough!

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