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I am running 265 tires on the rear and they are soon to be replaced. As far as thte upgrades. I don't even know all the details. This was not a plan it was a series of bad advise, failed engine builds, and failed EFI upgrades. Pat Williams made it all come together. He salvaged all the parts he could, added some more, and did a first rate rebuild.

I have:
3.3ltr JE 8:1 Pistons
3.2 Intake
Webb cams 964S (05-302)
72 lb injectors (overkill, but I had them handy)
Euro SC twin plug heads with larger (?) valves
Garrett Turbo
Kokeln Intercooler
GHL headers
Borla Muffler
TEC3r EFI coil packs
close ratio 2, 3, & 4 gears
1.0 spring in the WG.

My impressions are as follows:
A 930 with a little assistance is still a supercar. Give it a few of the benefits of 20+ years of improvements and it will hold it's own just fine.
Off boost this car is strong. On boost this car is amazing. There is just the right amount of turbo lag. Just enough for you to anticipate it and try to guess how much traction you have under you right now. Not enough lag that you ever really wait for it.

Lessons learned:
1) Don't try cheaper shops to save money. Save money by hiring the right guy the first time.
2) Don't resist EFI. Done right, it rocks.
3) Don't believe someone just because they post often. You can't post with a wrench in your hand. Results speak for themselves.
4) Don't believe that because someone can make paint look good they know how an engine works. I trusted someone who posts great results about many paint and body projects. They know almost as much as I do about the inside of the engine. And I don't even know how to get inside the engine.
Crashed: Silver 1992 Turbo S2
Sold: '86 930 minor mods; '94 3.6 Turbo; '85 Euro 930 (3.2 Intake, Tec3r EFI, TwinPlug, Garrett Turbo, JE 8.1 Pistons, 505 rwhp)

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