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Originally posted by 930gt-40r
It sounds like you got a hell of a car on the way, must see pix when car is done. I dont know, but I used to run 18 psi on my stock 930 block with a K-27 through a kokeln intercooler and euro fuel sys. The only things to go wrong was one of the compression rings broke and on that same cylinder the walls were scored. It turned out that the injector on that cylinder was bad. But I beat the crap out of that motor (180 mph + runs, 6000 rpm stutter box launches etc..) and it went like that for 40,000 miles on top of the 30k it had. I dont recomend this for everyone, but with what you are having done you will have a bunch of fun when you hit the gas. I could have been lucky, but I think these cars are capeble of more than people think or care to explore.
I'm missing it like hell, because it was already not slow. I just lost the Star Trek warp speed effect and was wondering if I could regain that, and maybe dilute the on/off lightswitch effect a tad. Which I enjoyed like hell personally, but it was quite an anti-social trait...

Actually, the car looks nice in photos but doesn't look like much up close - which I preferred for a driver; my 944 looked quite nice at 5 feet or so when I bought it, and I died a little bit inside every time some lazy jackass at the grocery store put another ding or scratch on it when I was buying milk.

A car with oldish paint that already got keyed suits me just fine. And it looking like an SC with a turbo wing on it just adds to the fun...

When it's running again, it'll look almost exactly like it did before, which is the way it looked when I bought it from another Pelican Nick (air-cool-me).

Might change the wheels/brakes, but that'll be the extent of any visual changes.

Nick pretty much built the car I wanted - and I wasn't even looking to buy a car two weeks before leaving the country.

Originally post by Craig 930 RS
Yep. My car has 413 lb ft of torque - at the wheels.
So that puts it at about 488 lb at the flywheel if you go forward with the tricks we've discussed/you've considered.

That is a bit higher than 350 lb ft ;-) , so treat your 915 gently.

Is this car for street use only?

Originally, I thought I'd only use it for street. Until I bought it, that is.

Now I think I know why people have track habits, and I'm looking forward to acquiring one myself pretty soon...

I just don't dare explore the limits of the handling on the road. Car feels like it's on rails, and I know it's just laughing at me.

Other than not treating the throttle with huge respect in wet/slimy conditions, or any of the standard 911 no-no's, I can't imagine what the hell I would have to do to unstick it - and I certainly don't want to play there on the street....

Originally posted by RarlyL8

"The car is a hybrid - mid-year S chassis, 3.2 brakes (currently), 915 trans, 21 & 30 t/bars."

You have a show stopper in the mix.
Your 915 tranny will not endure much more than 350ft/lb of torque over the long haul. Unless you plan a tranny upgrade you should forget about twin plugs and 1.0bar of boost. Given the light weight and gearing advantage you will have an incredibly fast car without all that.
Hey Rarly - your car (and the others on the board with 930 motors and 915s that survived) was very reassuring when I was trying to decide if the combination of 930/915 was viable.

I'll be sticking with the K27, Kokeln and GHL headers and 0.8 bar. I was thinking twin-plugging would give better throttle-response, help clean up the mid-range and maybe give more options for the future (I mean, hey, there could have been a short bell-housing 930 tranny in the future, too, for all I know). But if it doesn't help much on 930's, OK - that's why I asked

The 915 had already done many, many miles and was probably tired to start with. The odo reads 229,000, didn't work for some time (odo exempt in WA), and for all I know the 915 was in the car for every single one of those miles - including the ones it did with the 3.0 and the infamous, much-travelled BAE turbo kit Nick used to have in the car, which many of you probably recall...

It will be refreshed and fitted with the WEVO bearing plate retainer and the stiffer 915 side cover, which I'm hoping will help keep everything where it should be. I came this >< close to fitting an LSD, but I'm currently considering a spare 915 to build up/swap in Just In Case...

The traffic light Grand Prix isn't really where this car lives; 2nd gear 40MPH to *cough* - how bloody fast? better slow down now... is one thing it does really well.

Merging really is such fun with the right tool for the job....

1st is for pulling away in traffic, no point taking it above 3500-4000 in that gear, certainly don't want boost because it'll rev into the redline so fast you can't react in time...

I never dump the clutch - at least, not from a standstill, because I never pull away with more than 2200 on the tach.

Rolling the throttle on in 2nd is good practice - and even that, on a greasy road, can bite pretty hard/fast when the boost hits if you're careless or sloppy, even if the wheels are pointing straight ahead...

Just soooo Not Interested in chirping the tires on a shift to 2nd...

I learnt not to hurry or force any shifts; some shifts are faster than others, but there's no point trying to get to any of them faster than the box will let you.

I can live with more-frequent-than-usual rebuilds on the 915, so long as I don't break it.

Anything I missed for keeping the 915 alive?

Here's the sleeper, anyway... Thank god it's not red...

'77 S with '78 930 power and a few other things.
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