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Hey guys,

This is going to be one of my longest posts yet because I think I have a difficult problem to fix.

I have a 77 930 that is running poorly to say the least. It is a 3 litre car that is now a 3.2 running on European CIS. The car is a Euro car.

This problem started intermittantly around a year ago and has become worse over the last 1000 miles or so to the point it is full time.

When you drive around once at normal operating temp it seems to be fine when you are less then 15% throttle. Once you get beyond 15% and get into ANY kind of boost the car falls on its face, smokes black out of the tail pipes, shutters and wants to almost die. Once you lift off the throttle it is fine. So really I have NO driveability at this point at all.

When the engine is cold is the only time it will even kind of idle smoothly and after warm up when at idle I am having to keep my foot on the throttle to keep it running or it will load up and die.

I recently made a post about a frequency valve that I thought was issue but just found out tonight that my car never had a frequency valve or an oxygen sensor for that matter. I have wondered since I bought this car what the blue box with absolutely NO labels on it was for in the rear of the car near the lower seet cushion on the vertical surface there. I am leaning towards the thought that it is a fuel enrichment device from someone. I would think Andial would have put a label on theirs but who knows. It looks pretty old. Looks like early 80's to me.

I will post pictures of the box. I am hoping that someone has some kind of idea as to what this is. I have not got to the point of tracing wires yet but I do see something in the engine bay zip tied to the WUR. It appears to be a frequency valve. Is it possible that this blue box controls it to manipulate the WUR? Please help???

I am very confused and just want my baby to run like it used to!

Thanks in advance for any help here. If I didnt post all the info I should have please ask me questions as I would be glad to answer any and all of them I can.

77 930 "P Zilla" 3.2 Litre w / EFI conversion
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