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Originally posted by dewolf
Sorry, have to disagree. The more dramatic the takeoff the faster you will accelerate, sure you'll have wheelspin, but if you can hold it you will out accelerate a clutch-slipping takeoff. 500-600RWHP turbo cars will spin on boost regardless. If I clutch-slip a takeoff against a friends very warm WRX he gets me initially. If I rev 6-7k and dump the clutch he can't get anywhere near me. I get wheelspin, but I am accelerating quickly too. I doubt whether you'd find a clutch slipping drag racer.
I have owned some 10-11sec street cars and was into drag racing some time ago ( modded 'street ' cars ) and I can't ever remember slipping the clutch to get a better time. It's dump and burn man.
Yes you risk the drivetrain, but smoking clutches are'nt pretty either, to the disc or the flywheel. If you've seen the in car vid of Juan Riez? pull a 10.4, there ain't no clutch slipping there.
Not to be a smarta$$, but is dead wrong - the fastest 1/4 cars (top fuel and pro stock) have ALWAYS used clutch slippage rather than wheelspin to create the fastest 0-60 times. Once your tires really break traction, you will either continue to spin the wheels until the power curve drops (and hope they hook up before the next gear breaks them loose again since a slipping tire wants to keep slipping vs hooking up), or you have to back out of it.

This is the ONLY part of 1/4 mi. racing that requires any driver skill IMO - getting the right mix of clutch/torque converter slip to turn the tires over and get them to bite. The gear multiplication in lower gears allows the clutch to slip then grab MUCH easier and more effectively than tires, which in turn easily go up in smoke because of that same gearing.

I grew up in one of the biggest 1/4 mi. garage in the US, and have seen tooo many of these cars. I'm totally NOT a fan of drag racing (IMO it is much more a test of engine building and to a lesser extent chassis tuning skill than driving, but that's a debate for a different day), there was a time when I lived in this arena.

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