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Originally posted by dewolf
Sorry, have to disagree. The more dramatic the takeoff the faster you will accelerate, sure you'll have wheelspin, but if you can hold it you will out accelerate a clutch-slipping takeoff. 500-600RWHP turbo cars will spin on boost regardless. If I clutch-slip a takeoff against a friends very warm WRX he gets me initially. If I rev 6-7k and dump the clutch he can't get anywhere near me. I get wheelspin, but I am accelerating quickly too. I doubt whether you'd find a clutch slipping drag racer.
I have owned some 10-11sec street cars and was into drag racing some time ago ( modded 'street ' cars ) and I can't ever remember slipping the clutch to get a better time. It's dump and burn man.
Yes you risk the drivetrain, but smoking clutches are'nt pretty either, to the disc or the flywheel. If you've seen the in car vid of Juan Riez? pull a 10.4, there ain't no clutch slipping there.
My whole answer was based on how to not dump the clutch and still get off the line. You are taking the approach of just dump the clutch and forget about tommorrow, whereas I will never knowingly dump the clutch on my car because I don't want the repair bill.

Sure, dumping the clutch is always the easiest way to launch hard, but if you are trying to be a careful owner of a vintage Porsche on the street, I doubt that you are going to dump the clutch very often. Thus, I was describing how I get decent launches with the most traction I can at any given street corner without dumping the clutch. As many times in a row as I want to practice with no fear of damage.

My car doesn't have uncontrollable wheelspin, since my gearing and light weight is probably more key to quick times than outright horsepower. I have dialed back to 1 bar, and don't have over 400 hp to begin with.
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