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turbo scavenge pump - NOISY?

So Ive clocked about 10,000 miles on the new engine. But I've got a "ticking" sound coming from what I think to be the driver's side cylinder bank.

I thought it might be an exhaust leak, so I tightened up all of my nuts...still have a "tick".

I have a new custom Borla exhaust (I'll take pictures soon) which has quieted things down over the zork/straight pipe that was on before, so I'm able to hear the actual engine better.

I've adjusted all of the valves twice at various case some tolerances changed during engine break-in. I've adjusted literally hundreds of valves over the years so I'm confident in my technique, but will check them again this weekend.

While I was under the car, it dawned on me that the scavenge pump that runs on the driver's side cam might be the cause of the noise! When I rebuilt the engine, I replaced it's seals but did nothing to check it's oil pump gears and such. For those that are unfamiliar with these things, it's a pretty straight forward pump with an extremely basic drive mechanism off of the cam.

I've tried to use a stethoscope, but these engines are pretty noisy so it's hard for me to get a feel. Plus it's not so bad at idle...more audible when a load is on the engine.

So what say the experts? If I find that my valves are fine, has anyone run into a noisy scavenge pump? If it is, I'll probably go with the oil line that connects the turbo drain to the engine sump/drain plug, and just ditch the pump.
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