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Originally posted by Ken911
There is another kit that is methanol injection. it serves 2 functions cools the intercooler air charge and also raises fuel octane.
Turbo Buick guys have done this for awhile. It's more of a hassle then it's worth in my opinion. The first kit I remember seeing for methanol injection was the SMC kit it was made and marketed by a Turbo Buick owner and at first the Buick crowd were the primary buyers of the kits. I think SMC is still around, and the kits they made were nice and reasonably priced when I looked into running methanol injection. However you can make your own kit for about $50 to $150 that works well and use a hobbs switch to turn it on and off. If any one wants I can send you some info on building a decent kit.

When running 93 octane with a properly setup methanol injection system it provides similar results in terms of resistance to detonation as 100 octane fuels. I would rather run 100 octane so I will know what will be fueling the car at all times. The methanol injection becomes another variable that could lead to massive failure. Lets say you are running levels of boost an timing advance you could not get away with on 93 octane. Now what if a component in the methanol injection system fails and you don't realize it and you continue running the car hard? Well, I think you know what can and will happen.

Alot of cars that used the kits ran them only on the street. At the track people tended to use race gas. It was looked at as a way to save some money over the cost of race fuel, but have the ability to temporarily run more boost and advance on the street. It was and still is a compromise. The small reservoirs that are typically used to contain the methanol run dry fairly quick, Sure you can use a bigger reservoirs but where will you mount it in a 911? Up front, then pump the fluid back to the engine? Now you have to spend more on lines and make sure the pump can handle the head required to supply the system etc. Just run race gas and save some time and trouble. I also don't care for the extra water produced when combusting methanol (yes I know when used as a fuel supplement the additional h2o byproduct is not really a danger in terms of contaminating the oil but I still don't like it)

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