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Originally posted by Tirebiter
Add to that the costs for finding new reserves cuz all of the easy stuff has been found. One of the more exciting finds of late was discovered in deep ocean ....I don't recall the exact figures, but imagine trying to drill in water that is on the order of a mile or so deep and then punching hole to a total depth of over 20,000 feet. I can't even imagine the metallurgy/technical wizardry involved to make drill steel strong enough to support almost four miles of drill steel. The cost for the ship capable of such a feat was on the order of $500,000 per day........there have been many expensive "dry" holes drilled that yielded nothing......oil exploration has always been a risky business.
I hate to be the bringer of bad tidings but he said, "net profit" not gross profit. Oil companies made a 100 Billion Dollar profit after all the exploration, drilling wells, material and employment costs etc. It's nothing but greed, plain and simple. Last year cost per barrel was .69 higher than this year so why does it cost more to produce it than it did last year?! Let me tell you why, old Georgie boy has said that we need to be 20% more fuel efficient in the EPA standards by the end of 2010. So we are going to take it in the arse from now on and beyond 2010, additionally were going to take it in the arse from auto manufactures when they have to meet the those standards.

Funny thing is your not going to see any government regulation in the US because Georgie Bush Jr. was to deeply connected with the oil manufactures before he was president and he's not going to jeopardize it, he'll be right back there when he's out of office. Pretty simple actually. Oil companies say its production levels, and plant closures, but we are already producing 18% more fuel this year than last. Production facilities are not a full capacity. The same thing happened in the 70's when they decided that they were going to produce at 30% less than full capacity. You and others can stick your heads in the sand and pretend that the oil companies and the government are there for your benefit but it's all about "MONEY and GREED" and how much they can glean off the American public before someone says enough. Just bend over and smile, cause your eather going to take without a fight or with it. Sad state of affairs when I can remember GAS WARS at .19 a gallon!


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