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Originally posted by pmc847
It's my understanding that the U.S. has enough oil reserves (in the ground) to last us at least 50 years without importing one drop of foreign oil. Of course that is if we had access to it right now. If the last administration would have allowed drilling in Anwar in the mid 90s then that oil would be on line now and our dependents on foreign oil would be vastly reduced and thus most likely lower priced because of the competition. Oh ya, we need a couple more refineries and less custom fuels. Ethanol is not the answer. It's more expense to produce, deliver, is not as efficient as good ol gas and new reports indicate it will pollute as much as gas and maybe more so. Not to mention what it is doing and will do to the cost of food for our table.

I also heard that the middle east produces a barrel of oil for about $3. Who's gouging who?

And we haven't even touch on the subject of federal, state and local taxes on that fine liquid. Today, the combined burden of federal, state and local gas taxes costs American drivers an average of 45.9 cents on every gallon purchased (according to data on gasoline use from the U.S. Department of Transportation). In the last 28 years (1977-2004) oil company profits were $463 billion, fed tax were $533 billion and state taxes were $ 810 billion. Again, who's gouging who?

I think every one should drive an SUV and burn all the gas we can, the sooner it's gone the sooner a viable replacement will be found.

Man, where did you come up with this? There is no way of knowing or estimating how much available oil is untapped in the US. The only oil reserves above ground in the US, are government controlled and would last about 5 weeks at our current consumption rate.


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