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Lightbulb OBX, GSF, and Schnell header dimensions and materials data.

Has anyone measured the OBX, GSF, or Schnell header's primary and secondary inner and outer diameters? The GSF, OBX, and Schnell headers list different dimensions for these sections. The tube thickness/gauge varies not only by the advertised brand but from vendor to vendor! Also the advertised material composition on these headers is not the same. However many have said they are the same headers sold under different names. This leads me to four possible conclusions.

1. All of these headers are the same and some sellers are giving incorrect dimensions.

2. They are indeed slightly different designs using different materials and dimensions.

3. The factory uses whatever material it can source in a set price range that meets basic design parameters.

4. The design is receiving constant revision and updated as needed, this causes the variation of specifications.

The following list the parameters I have been able to locate for each header.

*** indicates disambiguous information within a brand that varies between vendors.

Brand: GSF headers
Material: 304 stainless steel
Primary diameter: 38mm (inner or outer diameter was not specified)
Secondary Diameter: 50mm (inner or outer diameter was not specified)
Tube thickness/gauge: 1.5mm

Brand: Schnell headers
Material: *** 304 stainless steel *** 321 stainless steel ***
Primary diameter: 35mm inner diameter
Secondary Diameter: 50mm inner diameter
Tube thickness/gauge: *** 1.5mm *** 14 gauge (approximately 0.83"=2.1082mm) ***
*NOTE* Headers listed with 1.5mm tube thickness were advertised as 304 stainless steel
*NOTE* Headers listed with 14 gauge tube were advertised as 321 stainless steel

Brand: OBX headers
Material: 321 stainless steel
Primary diameter: 41mm inner diameter
Secondary Diameter: 56mm inner diameter
Tube thickness/gauge: 14 gauge (approximately 0.83"=2.1082mm)

Initial conclusions.
The GSF headers based on their advertised tube thickness of 1.5mm and assuming the 38mm primary dimension was the outer diameter yields a 35mm inner diameter. This leads me to believe the GSF and Schnell as they share many of the same specifications depending on how viewed are the same header. As the Schnell and GSF are listed as 304 stainless, and the Schnell is also listed as 321 stainless by some vendors makes me believe both headers are indeed made of 304 stainless and any claim of 321 stainless in reference to the Schnell design is false. I still am not sure if the OBX headers hold to their claimed specifications.

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