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Like I mentioned before, there are a couple books I think you should check out, for starters. Peter Morgan's Original 911 is a good introductory book. Paul Frere also wrote a book, The Porsche 911 Story; his book is much more technically-oriented, though, as Frere was an engineer by training. They're excellent for giving you pointers on "what goes with what," and the reason why the factory did what it did in terms of development of these cars.

Like sand_man mentioned, factory turbos all came with the wide body you prefer. There were also normally-aspirated (non-turbos) that came with the wide body option, M491. It's not just the wider bodywork, but also beefier suspension and brakes, that come along with that (just not the turbo motor). This option only became available sometime in the mid-80s ('84 or so?). The earlier turbos (late-70s) came with 260 HP 3.0 liter motors and no intercooler. You can distinguish them by their single outlet mufflers and slightly smaller "whale tail" rear wings/spoilers. Later 930s (officially imported from '86-'89) came with a larger 3.3 liter 282 HP motor, intercooler, slightly more prominent "tea tray" rear wing (it has the rubber sideplates on the wing, in addition to the rubber rear lip), and a dual-outlet exhaust. '89 versions also notably came with a 5-speed tranny (and different clutch). Standard issue tires/wheels were wider/bigger over the years.

If you find a turbo from the early 80s, it will be a ROW (Rest of World) model. Even if you find a 930 from the 70s or late 80s, you'll have to check to see if it's a US model or ROW model. Whether or not this is good or bad is subject to debate.

Slant nose option was fairly rare from the factory. Most that you'll see out there are probably aftermarket conversions. The quality of the conversion will depend on whoever did it. Factory fenders were made out of steel. There should be boxed rocker panels. The air inlets in the rear fenders have strakes made out of wood, interestingly. And, IIRC (I could be wrong here), I think that a single motor runs the pop-up headlights (aftermarket conversions commonly used 2 RX-7 motors, one for each light). Factory slant noses (which came in coupe, cab, and targa bodystyles) usually command an increased price, but exactly how much is up to debate. The pricing of aftermarket conversions is as variable as the quality of work put into them.

Another question you're bound to ask is about production numbers. There's a little pocket paperback book, called the 911 Redbook. It'll give VIN-specific year-by-year production numbers for both US and ROW models. It'll even break down coupe vs. cab vs. targa numbers, but I don't think it gives slant nose production numbers. Different sources (who all claim to have factory documentation) seem to give different numbers.

All my stuff is in storage, so what I've told you is from memory. If someone knows I'm wrong, please correct me.

Edit: forgot to answer your question: I think just about all the slant noses (from the factory) were for turbo cars. If there were any for n/a cars, it must have been extremely rare. After all, I think the slant nose option added on about $25K or so to the price of the car. Probably not worth it in the eyes of a n/a buyer. And I can't recall when the factory started to offer the slant option, but I don't think it was until the mid-80s.
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